EVERWAVE is a Belgian venture enabling surfers to enjoy artificially generated waves in a lagoon. Sounds good? Read on below!


The closest spot that can supply surfers from the Benelux with good sustainable surf is at a minimum of 800km driving away. To help the people at the Benelux to get surf addicted and live the healthy stress-free surfers life we are checking out the possibility to install an artificial wave facility in Belgium.

The installation will create a tubular wave from 1,5 up to 1,8 meter breaking on two sides of a pier. This will offer the full surf experience to 10 experienced surfers per hour and 30 starters per hour at home without the need for expensive travelling.

In order to kick off our project, we need your help! We would like your input to complete our market study. Please spare us five minutes of your time and complete the below survey.

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Everyone who knows the surfing scene can concur that as soon as the conditions are perfect the fight to catch the waves gets though. Lots of people are fighting for the same waves. With the help of an artificial wave installation there is no need for overcrowds.

The growing media attention for surfing makes the sport even expanding more. And nature only limits us with a variable number of ridable waves. It's time to let surfing and technology go hand in hand and produce perfect surfable artificial waves.

These days not only Australian and Hawaiian surfers are dominating the sport, Europe is also well represented through France, Portugal and even Germany. It is time to put the Benelux on the surf map thanks to our own training facility.

The EVERWAVE crew thanks you in advance

and hopes to be able to deliver you heaps of surf fun!

Everwave - Providing waves in Belgium

Contact - info@everwave.be